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Crowns and bridges are classic restorative solutions to improve your smile if you have a damaged or missing tooth. Doris Lin, DDS, provides exceptional crowns and bridges at Fantastic Family Dental in Cambrian Park, San Jose, California. Schedule your visit by phone or online, and get started with your smile restoration today.

Crowns and Bridges Q&A

What is a crown?

A crown is a prosthetic tooth cap that Dr. Lin fits on top of your existing tooth structure, where it covers your tooth above the gumline. Crowns are designed from an impression of your smile, so once Dr. Lin has sealed it in place, your crown feels and functions just like your natural tooth. 

What purpose does a crown serve?

Some of the reasons that Dr. Lin might recommend a crown include:

  • Reinforcing a tooth that’s severely damaged or decayed
  • Replacing a tooth that’s discolored, misshapen, or unsightly
  • Protecting a compromised tooth from further damage

A crown can also top off a dental implant to make for a full tooth replacement. They’re also typically used after a root canal procedure to reinforce the structural integrity of your treated tooth.

What is a bridge?

A bridge replaces a missing tooth or teeth in your smile. It’s composed of a fake tooth (called a pontic) with crowns attached to either side. Those crowns are sealed to the teeth next to your missing tooth (your abutment teeth) and help the pontic “bridge” the gap between teeth.

If your abutment teeth aren’t capable of supporting crowns, Dr. Lin can fit you with an alternative, like a cantilever bridge or a Maryland bonded bridge.

How does replacing my tooth improve my smile?

There are a variety of advantages to replacing your missing tooth, such as:

  • Cosmetically improving your smile by filling in unattractive black holes
  • Preventing the rest of your smile from falling out of alignment
  • Evenly distributing the force in your bite

Your mouth was designed to have all of its teeth working together, and if you’re missing teeth, a bridge can restore the proper functioning of your smile.

What are the steps for getting a crown or bridge?

Dr. Lin can fit you with a crown or bridge in two easy office visits to Fantastic Family Dental. During the first visit, she prepares your mouth for the crown or bridge by sanding down some of the enamel from your teeth.

If you’re getting a crown, she removes enamel from the tooth that’s getting a crown. If you’re getting a bridge, she removes the enamel from your abutment teeth.

Next, she takes an impression of your mouth, fits you with a temporary crown or bridge, and sends you home. Meanwhile, she sends your impression to a lab that designs and fabricates your permanent crown or bridge, which typically takes a week or so.

When your permanent crown or bridge is ready, you come to Fantastic Family Dental for a second visit so that Dr. Lin can permanently seal your crown or bridge to your smile.

Get started with your crown or bridge today by calling the office at Fantastic Family Dental or booking an appointment online.