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One of the best ways of keeping your smile healthy is to prevent dental problems from ever developing. At Fantastic Family Dental in Cambrian Park, San Jose, California, Doris Lin, DDS, provides exceptional preventive care to ensure that your smile stays in a constant state of good health. Schedule your visit with Fantastic Family Dental by calling the office or booking online, and get your smile in excellent shape with preventive care today.

Preventive Care Q&A

What is preventive care?

Preventive care is a particular approach to dentistry that aims to keep you in good oral health by focusing energy on preventing oral health concerns from developing.

Instead of reacting to oral health problems and treating them as they arise, preventive care aims to put your smile in a state of consistently good health.

What are the advantages of preventive care?

There are many advantages to taking a preventive approach to your oral health. Oral health conditions tend to be easier to effectively treat the earlier your dentist is able to get to them.

By treating problems early, Dr. Lin can usually avoid procedures that are more costly, invasive, and uncomfortable. This means that you’ll ultimately have an easier time keeping your smile healthy, and you’ll be able to keep more of your natural oral structures intact.

What are some examples of preventive care?

Some of the preventive care treatments Dr. Lin provides and advocates for at Fantastic Family Dental include:

At-home care

Practicing good oral hygiene at home is the cornerstone of good preventive care. By diligently brushing twice daily and flossing every day, you can head off tooth decay and gum disease, two of the leading causes of tooth loss. Dr. Lin is passionate about teaching the proper ways to brush and floss at home, as many people don’t realize they’re not doing so effectively.

Routine cleanings and checkups

Even if you practice excellent oral hygiene at home, you still need to maintain regular checkups and cleanings with Dr. Lin.

Most people have trouble spots in their smile they frequently miss with regular brushing and flossing, and the longer that plaque is left to build up in those spots, the more difficult it becomes to remove. After a while, plaque hardens and turns to tartar, which can only be removed with a professional cleaning.

Checkups are also a vital part of good preventive care. By regularly monitoring your smile, Dr. Lin can ensure that your oral health is in a good place. With routine checkups, Dr. Lin is also able to catch any potential problems before they have a chance to develop into something more serious and complex.

Night guard

If you grind your teeth while you sleep, a condition known as bruxism, wearing a custom-built night guard can do wonders to improve your oral health. Teeth grinding does severe damage to the enamel of your teeth, as your tooth surfaces constantly collide against one another, creating premature wear and tear on your teeth. A custom-built nightguard puts a layer of smooth plastic between your teeth, which helps to mitigate damage.

To learn more about how Dr. Lin and Fantastic Family Dental can improve your smile with good preventive care, schedule a visit today by calling the office or booking online.